Who is your favorite comedian?

Lucille Ball holds a special place in my heart. I watched a lot of old televsion shows on “Nick at Night” (a.k.a. Nickelodeon), including “I Love Lucy” growing up. The plot of nearly every single episode of “I Love Lucy” was Lucy scheming to perform in one of Ricky’s shows and yet each episode seemed fresh and original. Lucille Ball was a master at physical comedy. I loved her oddball expressiveness and appreciated the absurdity of the situations enacted.

Published by Annie Woo-Mann

I’m Annie Woo-Mann (not my government name of course) and it’s all in me. My project is to create a community of female creators, comedians, and collaborators because I love collectives as well as alliterations. If this sounds good to you, please follow my blog and contact me at Annie@AnnieWooMannProject.com.

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