Parody for the people!

Milennial parents name daughter, Catatonia.

Parents Josh and Jess stunned to learn Catatonia is a symptom of schizophrenia. “We always loved the names Catalina and Antonia so we thought we would combine them into a new name. We had absolutely no idea.” said mother Jess.

If only it were raining men…

…Godspeed Florida.


Mark Zuckerberg’s fever dream dead on arrival.

Introducing Kleptokurrency

The latest in cryptocurrency brought to you by the Kardashians and Jenners.

It’s Mercury Retrofade!

Brought to you by Kid ‘n Play!

The Annie Woo-Mann Guide To Being a Dime Piece

Don’t short change yourself.

I am a Kibbe verified Theatrical Melodramatic

My essences are “extra,” “emo,” and “sunset boulevard.”


Introducing the latest dating app for your post-divorce, post-NFL life. Tom Brady approved!