Unholy MAGAmoney

Do you Donald J. Dump take Lawless Blowfart and Majorly Traitor Fiend as your awfully wedded wives?

Drake Twitter Handle Poll

Drake lost his case with the Government of France to use “Champagne” in his Twitter handle as he is from Canada and not from the Champagne region of France. He posted a poll on Twitter to his followers asking if he should go by “@SparklingWinePapi” or “@WineBoxPapi.” So far @WineBoxPapi” is winning by a landslide.

Governor Greg Abbott announcement

Texas Govenor Greg Abbott announced Texas will now be called the “Lone Gunman State” instead of the “Lone Star State.”


“I wanna lie forever.” – Rupert Murdertruth (allegedly)

Bury Toes or Berry Toast?


Release the bounds!

It’s time for the stunt!

Chief of Stiff Wanted

Hard skills only…those with soft skills need not apply.

Happy International Woo-Mann’s Way!

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