Mark Zuckerberg’s fever dream dead on arrival.

Introducing Kleptokurrency

The latest in cryptocurrency brought to you by the Kardashians and Jenners.

It’s Mercury Retrofade!

Brought to you by Kid ‘n Play!

The Annie Woo-Mann Guide To Being a Dime Piece

Don’t short change yourself.

I am a Kibbe verified Theatrical Melodramatic

My essences are “extra,” “emo,” and “sunset boulevard.”


Introducing the latest dating app for your post-divorce, post-NFL life. Tom Brady approved!

How to make it to your 50 year wedding anniversary according to my dad

Bodies: The Expedition (Royal Edition)

The most exciting World Tour we’ve ever known, the transport of Queen Elizabeth II’s body. Groupies threw flowers, Paddington Bears, and Marmalade sandwiches while the Commonwealth demanded that the monarchy return its usurped wealth. Dailymail reports Kanye West will make a hologram of Queen Elizabeth II to address the world at her funeral.