Drake Twitter Handle Poll

Drake lost his case with the Government of France to use “Champagne” in his Twitter handle as he is from Canada and not from the Champagne region of France. He posted a poll on Twitter to his followers asking if he should go by “@SparklingWinePapi” or “@WineBoxPapi.” So far @WineBoxPapi” is winning by a landslide.

Bury Toes or Berry Toast?


Who is your favorite comedian?

Lucille Ball holds a special place in my heart. I watched a lot of old televsion shows on “Nick at Night” (a.k.a. Nickelodeon), including “I Love Lucy” growing up. The plot of nearly every single episode of “I Love Lucy” was Lucy scheming to perform in one of Ricky’s shows and yet each episode seemedContinue reading “Who is your favorite comedian?”