Chief of Stiff Wanted

Hard skills only…those with soft skills need not apply.

Like a penis rising from the smashes…

…so are the daze of our lives.

I Rhode Island All Night Long

…and then afterwards smoked a cigarette and went to Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean (state). #FloatMyBoat

Anniemal Planet Episode 1: The Annieconda

The elusive Annieconda is a one-eyed snake that lives in the wilds of the Pantaloonia. These hardy creatures can survive in the harshest of environments and get around quite a bit. Herpestologists have learned that they don’t want none unless you got puns, hun. These anniemals are quite alluring in their natural habitat, but underContinue reading “Anniemal Planet Episode 1: The Annieconda”

Introducing Virility

The newest celebrity inspired penis wig collection from Raquel Welch. Styles include Dick Swagger, A$ap Rock Hard, and Benedick Cuminersnatch.