Mark Zuckerberg’s fever dream dead on arrival.

It’s Mercury Retrofade!

Brought to you by Kid ‘n Play!

I am a Kibbe verified Theatrical Melodramatic

My essences are “extra,” “emo,” and “sunset boulevard.”


Introducing the latest dating app for your post-divorce, post-NFL life. Tom Brady approved!

Introducing Kim Karkashgrab

The latest in celebrity Ponzi schemes (based on my opinion only and not on Annie or any actual facts) brought to you to by Kim Kardashian.

Kenny G Talks Saxuality

Kenny G came out as an oboesexual in an interview with Oprah Winfrey today. He told Oprah, “I played being good at Sax for the longest time, but it’s not me. It’s time for me to admit to the world I love oboes and women with their own places.”

Join my Pringles Group!

Tired of Pringles? Ready to eat the right one? Join today and get Lay’s!

It’s our Annieversary…

…by Anny! Anni! Annié! Western/Tropical Astrologers: What can you tell us about Annie?