Definition: 1. Shockingly bad or excessive clout chasing, 2. Very bold, unusual, and startling clout chasing. Please see social media.


Mark Zuckerberg’s fever dream dead on arrival.

Blood In The Streets: Layoff Edition

Introducing the latest in tone deaf video games in the aftermath of Uvalde. Players will face opponents such as Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and many more as they fight for their jobs as well as their lives. Players will be armed with automatic machine guns because well this is America and can unlockContinue reading “Blood In The Streets: Layoff Edition”


Afghan baby girl sold for $500 by starving family – BBC News Donate: Support Children in Afghanistan | UNICEF USA

Introducing Chedda

Meta’s latest cheese to hack your biology and PHI for profit.

Burns of the Day

“Facebook has weaponized childhood vulnerabilities in its ruthless pursuit of profits despite knowing the deep harm it causes. Facebook has evaded, misled and deceived.” – Senator Richard Blumenthal “IG stands for Instagram, but it also stands for instant greed.” – Senator Edward J. Markey Why Annie won’t be on Instagram and Facebook anytime soon. #NoInstagramKidsApp