Happy TikTaco Tuesday

Dolly Parton, Doja Cat to star in Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza musical (usatoday.com) Parton’s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, will also make a guest appearance to promote her latest easy listening duet with Doja Cat, “Marijuanaville.”

Dougs are Brad

Don’t do Dougs. Do coke. Just not the new formula.

Balancing your Fentanyl and Mescaline Energies

The latest course from the Annie Woo-Mann Academy that will restore pharmacy to your life.

Eyeahuasca Retreat

I’ve booked my first eyeahuasca retreat. My goal is to acheive enleyetenment and open my third I. Once I become conscious, I will gaze upon my naval orange and take some Vitamin Sea. Then I will be free.

“Fortune favors the rave.”

-Some girl named Molly.

The best part of wakin’ up…

…is lots of blow in your cup. Soldiers Cocaine, brought to you by the ghost of Pablo Escobar. Pure Colombian.