If men and women didn’t cum together…

…humanity would seize the exit.

Milennial parents name daughter, Catatonia.

Parents Josh and Jess stunned to learn Catatonia is a symptom of schizophrenia. “We always loved the names Catalina and Antonia so we thought we would combine them into a new name. We had absolutely no idea.” said mother Jess.


Introducing the latest dating app for your post-divorce, post-NFL life. Tom Brady approved!

Gangus Schwanz

The latest night club for current and aspiring absentee fathers. Spinning the latest in broken house music all night long.

3 days and no nights at the Guiltton

Where all divorced, single parents stay when they can’t get away from it all.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Sign my SpareChange.org petition to end the Facialist Tyranny.


Afghan baby girl sold for $500 by starving family – BBC News Donate: Support Children in Afghanistan | UNICEF USA