Introducing Phlegminem

Phlegminem’s latest LP, “House of Chest Pain,” is going viral with these bangers.

  1. Licensed To Pill
  2. Spitting Up Spherics Homie I’ll Wet Ya
  3. Motherfucka I’m Ill, Not Sick And I’m Okay, But My Hack Sick
  4. Ill Ya Ya
  5. Ooze Yourself
  6. The Real Grim Plaguey
  7. My Neck, My Back, I’m Sick So Cut Me Some Slack
  8. Time To Get Still
  9. How Many Sicks?
  10. The Drain

Published by Annie Woo-Mann

I’m Annie Woo-Mann (not my government name of course) and it’s all in me. My project is to create a community of female creators, comedians, and collaborators because I love collectives as well as alliterations. If this sounds good to you, please follow my blog and contact me at

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