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Singlehood is now an illness because apparently COVID-19 wasn’t enough! In order to beat this devasting disease, follow this 6-step process.

  1. Obsess over the fact that you’re single
  2. Listen to any dating coach on Youtube and take their advice
  3. Make online dating your whole life (It’s ok because you didn’t have a life to begin with, remember?)
  4. Have low, preferably no standards
  5. Be desperate, the more desperate the better
  6. Rinse and repeat.

Published by Annie Woo-Mann

I’m Annie Woo-Mann (not my government name of course) and it’s all in me. My project is to create a community of female creators, comedians, and collaborators because I love collectives as well as alliterations. If this sounds good to you, please follow my blog and contact me at

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