Anniearchy, the newest Punky Brewster band, released their debut album, “Don’t Get Your Titties Twisted.” Tracks include:

  1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Taking Down The Patriarchy
  2. I Wanna Advance With Somebody
  3. Ethereal Girl
  4. What Have I Done For Me Lately
  5. We Got The Heat
  6. I’m Annie Woo-Mann
  7. Sweet Streams (Of Income)
  8. Private Romancer
  9. Schism Is Gonna Get You
  10. I Think We Can Bone Now

Published by Annie Woo-Mann

I’m Annie Woo-Mann (not my government name of course) and it’s all in me. My project is to create a community of female creators, comedians, and collaborators because I love collectives as well as alliterations. If this sounds good to you, please follow my blog and contact me at

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